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Luxury Real Estate In Denver: The Davis Discussion With Designs By Sundown As a Denver native, Chris Davis knows the in's and out's of the rapidly growing market. His experience as a luxury real estate agent has given him the opportunity to meet and connect with a large variety of entrepreneurs who ...
As long as they are paying me, I’m ok.
The Friday File: This past Monday, Baltimore Oriole's First baseman Chris Davis went 0-for-5, and in the process set a major league record of 49 straight at-bats without a hit. Wednesday ...
Now this was a great trip, many moons ago. #dtcdavis #paris #vacation
Comeback win to lockdown the #2 seed and the second best regular season record in Nuggets history! Scored 15 points in a row! @nuggets #denver #dtcdavis
Best upholstery I’ve ever seen in a car! #farlandcars #dtcdavis #denver
The University of Colorado at Boulder is amazing. Particularly from this angle! #cuboulder #colorado #dtcdenver
The most expensive car ever made. #dtcdavis #bugatti #batman
Next level epic mason craftsmanship. Bringing brick back! #dtcdavis
Pocket listing in Westlake Village, CA. Not even on the market. DM me and I will get you the details. #dtcdavis
If you really want to be a jerk, post something like this. Why? People do this all of the time. Contest question: What are they trying to accomplish? #trivia
White City (Lakeside Amusement Park) circa 1908-1910.
If James Bond lived in the city.
Large scale is back in vogue.
Coffee Table that draws its own designs in sand by @sisyphus_industries
I will be there tomorrow to report the latest tends. Watch your feed tomorrow night!
Meet George Jetson
1:30 PM in the park on a Tuesday.
Luxury Marketing Pitfalls In this video we will go over the pitfalls for this particular home on the market. Its a luxury home but the seller doesn't present it like how he should. A lot of little things could be changed which would ...