John is honoring the risk to us all and providing a funny escape at the same time. He is flat out brilliant!
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I am starting a new daily post. #buzzerbeater #dtcdavis It will be posted a few minutes before midnight and full of optimism. I will share one person and/or organization that is changing our world for the better. Starting tonight. Let's ...
Concierge can help landscape your home to get it ready for market. #dtcdavis
What are you looking forward to doing out of this list? Let me know in the comments! #dtcdavis
Let's work together, despite our obstacles. Stay safe and healthy! #dtcdavis
The feel-good effects of giving begin in the brain. The response is triggered by brain chemistry in the mesolimbic pathway, which recognizes rewarding stimuli. Philanthropy doles out several different happiness chemicals including dopamine, endorphins that give people a sense of ...
Comcast says video streaming is up 38%, while video chats and internet phone calls have soared 212%. (Barrons) Sprits sales increased by 75% compared to 2019. Beer is the next most popular drink, with purchases up by 66%, then wine, ...
Do you need proof the real estate markets return? China, the first country to go into lock-down, saw transactions in at least 8 large cities return in recent weeks, with volume surpassing the average levels in the final quarter of ...
Just one of the many ways I can continue to serve you during this time. Reach out anytime, we're here to help! #dtcdavis
The National Association of Realtors is very active with behind-the-scenes efforts to create Mortgage relief policy. Stay tuned....
We have access to the best photographers in the city. Let's talk! #dtcdavis
This is a difficult time for all of us. Throughout the week, I am posting ways to help you and your family during this time. If you have any questions, please reach out. I would be happy to help. #dtcdavis
Thrilled to be part of this amazing company. #dtcdavis #compass
Bill Gates is spending BILLIONS to build factories for 7 promising coronavirus vaccines. The Gates Foundation - with its deep expertise in infectious diseases - can mobilize faster than governments. Gates is picking the top 7 from the available vaccine ...
In general COMPASS is seeing a 10-40% reduction in website traffic across markets. Bigger cities like NY, SF, LA are on the higher side while Denver, Dallas, Miami are on the lower side. Translated, this means the consumer is still ...
Nothing like Friday to get started on weekend showings - let's go! #dtcdavis
Just sold in Homestead. #dtcdavis
Taking a break to watch ESPN’s 30 for 30 (Iron Bowl). Greatest quote ever from Vincent. “The hands down greatest athlete to ever come out of Auburn was Charles Barkley”. I’m still wetting my pants!
We're grateful to everyone out there helping through this pandemic. Thank you. #dtcdavis
Just sold in Castle Rock - let us help you find your new home! #dtcdavis
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