Whether you have lived in Denver for years or you are transplanting into the city, one thing is certain: you won’t find more unique and versatile communities anywhere else. Denver is a melting pot for all types of cultures, architectural styles, hobbies, and interests, so it’s important to find the right location within the city to plant your roots. With so many diverse options available for Denver luxury real estate, having the right partner on your team is the first step in acquiring your dream home in the Centennial State.

How To Choose You Denver Neighborhood

When you are looking for luxury real estate in Denver, there are many factors that can influence your decision. One of the biggest is going to be the neighborhood your property is in and what kind of access it offers to the things you want. Here are a few key elements that will make or break what kind of neighborhood will be a good fit for you and your family:

  • The school district
  • Proximity to parks and community centers
  • The type of home and land you want
  • Location in relation to your job and social activities
  • How you’ll access those things - walking, driving, public transportation
  • Age of the area
  • Things you love (or hate) about your current neighborhood
  • Crime statistics
  • Neighborhood associations
  • Tourist attractions
  • Day and nightlife patterns

There are a handful of other details that you will want to consider, but these encompass some of the biggest decision makers when looking for luxury real estate in the right neighborhood.

Your Partner For Denver Luxury Real Estate

Once you have determined what you want out of a Denver neighborhood, you want to ensure that you have the right people on your team to make a luxury home in your ideal area yours. Chris Davis is a leading Denver realtor with expertise in a variety of different Denver communities that you may want to call home. We know what clients want when the are looking for luxury real estate in Denver, so we are constantly keeping a finger on the pulse of the local market to help our clients find it in the right neighborhoods.

Bonnie Brae

Bonnie Brae is an institution as far as Denver neighborhoods are concerned. Established in the early 20th century, Bonnie Brae is home to a mature crowd of family-oriented homeowners.


Sitting just south of the Denver Metro area, Centennial is the place to be for homeowners with school-aged children. This larger community has a niche for Denver luxury real estate featuring a number of new builds.

Cherry Creek North

Cherry Creek is the retail mecca of the Denver area. Buyers and sellers of luxury real estate in Denver find immense success in the Cherry Creek neighborhood, making it the perfect option for prospective homeowners.

Cherry Hills Village

Cherry Hills Village is a smaller, exclusive neighborhood that people recognize as the home of Denver Broncos and other community celebrities. The community is well-established with many long-time residents.

Denver Tech Center

DTC boasts a lively spirit of entrepreneurship that is simply unparalleled anywhere else. The Denver Tech Center features more square footage that the traditional home in the downtown area, making it an ideal location for larger families considering Denver luxury real estate.


Glendale is a unique community in the sense that it’s actually not part of Denver at all. The enclave was established in the late 1850s and is lovingly referred to as “the comeback kid” as the revitalization efforts in the area have taken off.

Greenwood Village

Greenwood Village settled because there was thought to be a large promise of gold, but it quickly turned into an established farming community. Over the last century, the area has become more commercial, but has not lost the charming and expansive greenery that defines the community.

Washington Park

Wash Park is another institution in the Denver area, offering a quaint residential community that’s just minutes from all the metropolis has to offer. Washington Park is named after the near 165 acres of greenery that the residential area has been built upon.

Find The Right Denver Neighborhood For You

Learn more about what Denver neighborhood could be the perfect fit for your family by contacting our Denver luxury real estate agent today. Chris Davis will listen to your wants and needs and help you identify the perfect place to call home.