Cherry Hills Village homes for sale

Cherry Hills Village is located just south of Denver proper. This 6.5 square mile neighborhood is perfect for Denverites looking to settle down. A well-established community, filled with people who are passionate about their homes and committed to their neighborhood, you won’t find a better place to buy than Cherry Hills Village. Let’s talk about what you’ll find when you’re looking at the Cherry Hills Village homes for sale.

Who Calls Cherry Hills Village Home?

With about 6,000 residents, Cherry Hills is a tight knit community. The median age in this neighborhood is in the mid-forties, however, you’ll find families that run the gammat as far as age is concerned. This neighborhood is decidedly white-collar, with more than 98% of working residents employed in white-collar jobs. Sitting in the Cherry Creek school district, homes for sale in Cherry Hills Village are perfect for parents who are looking for a safe, happy place to raise their kids.

The Perfect Homes For Sale In Cherry Hills Village

The homes for sale in Cherry Hills Village are primarily single family residences, often spanning tens of thousands of square feet. More than 80% of the homes in Cherry Hills Village have more than four bedrooms, which is ideal for established families with multiple children.

This neighborhood has a miniscule renter’s market, so you’ll find that many of the homes are made up of long term residents. The majority of the homes were built between 1960 and 2000 and, in many cases, have seen very little turnover.

A Day In Cherry Hills Village

Cherry Hills Village is a well-established neighborhood made up of some of the most expensive and expansive homes in America. Rather than being the tourist destination that some of the other Denver communities are, those who buy homes for sale in Cherry Hills Village can expect the quintessential suburban experience.

Community Relations

Having spent many decades as an established community in Denver, Cherry Hills Village has a robust leadership community. Residents are dedicated to their neighborhood, so you can find them at town halls and other community forums throughout the month. The Village Crier is a locally produced newsletter that keeps all residents in the know.

Cherry Hills Country Club

The country club is one of the key attractions in the community. Whether you want to tee off with your buddies, grab a cocktail with your girlfriends, or enjoy a nice family dinner you can get everything you need at the Cherry Hills Country Club.

Traditional Denver Sites

While homes for sale in Cherry Hills Village are a part of a luxurious community, you don’t have to miss out on the traditional Denver sites. With a beautiful park on the West side and Buell Lake to the East, you can enjoy the nature that Colorado provides from the comfort of your own neighborhood.

Cherry Hills Village Homes For Sale

Homes for sale in Cherry Hills Village are in the multi-million dollar price range. When you’re looking for a place to call home in Cherry Hills, you want an experienced agent on your side. Let Chris Davis help you find your forever home in Cherry Hills.