Glendale Homes For Sale

Glendale is an enclave in the city of Denver that was founded in 1859. Many locals refer to Glendale as the “comeback” kid, as revitalization has taken hold in the city. Young professionals make up the unique dynamic of Glendale. Glendale homes for sale are ideal for the influx of new Colorado residents. Let’s talk about the Glendale community and all it has to offer.

Who Calls Glendale Home?

Glendale is primarily home to a younger crowd than we see in the rest of the Denver area. The average age of a Glendale resident is just under 30 years old. We see a lot of single, young professionals seeking to establish themselves within Denver’s competitive corporate and startup climate. Those who are career-oriented and working to climb the corporate ladder will find peers in Glendale.

The Perfect Homes For Sale In Glendale

Glendale sees a large majority of renters who are living in multi-unit structures. While upwards of 90% of Glendale residents are renters, in the last twenty years, single-family, new home construction has soared in the area. Because the homeowner community in Glendale is significantly smaller than some of the neighboring communities, you find an exceptionally close community of single family homeowners in the area.

Glendale appreciation rates have remained strong, despite a nationwide downturn. Sooner, rather than later, is the time to consider Glendale homes for sale, and you can bet that buying a home in Glendale will be a good investment for many years into the future.

A Day in Glendale, Colorado

Glendale sits just outside of Denver proper, making it a quaint and quiet place to live without taking you too far from the action that brings people to the big city. With shopping, restaurants, parks, and play all nearby, homes for sale in Glendale are a valuable gem.

The Cherry Creek Amenities

Glendale borders the Cherry Creek neighborhood giving residents immediate access to the high-end amenities of the area, including the Cherry Creek Shopping Center, a plethora of gourmet restaurants, an active nightlife scene, arts, nature, and much more.

An Excellent School District

Those who buy Glendale homes for sale can take advantage of the Cherry Creek school district, as well. As one of communities most outstanding educational programs, families who live in Glendale will certainly benefit from the surrounding schools.

A Place To Play

Glendale is home to Infinity Park, a 16-acre entertainment hub where the Glendale Raptors play rugby. The park can accommodate 4,000 spectators. You’ll also find a fitness and recreation center, an athletic training facility, a spacious outdoor park, and a large event center.

Consider Glendale Homes For Sale

If you’re looking for a home for sale in Glendale, now’s the time to get in the market. Let Chris Davis help you find your forever home in Glendale.