Greenwood Village Homes For Sale

Greenwood Village is south of the Denver Metro area. What started as a promising area for gold quickly turned into a farming community by the 1900s. As the area continued to grow, the rural elements were preserved while urban and residential areas became more common. With 31 parks that span nearly 300 acres, there is no shortage of greenery surrounding the homes for sale in Greenwood Village.

Who Calls Greenwood Village Home?

Greenwood Village is primarily made up of families in the highest brackets of household income. The average age of Greenwood Village residents is between 45 and 65, leading to nearly 90% of the children in the area being school aged. Greenwood Village is perfect for established families who are looking for a place to put roots down and let their families grow and expand.

Greenwood Village sees a large percentage of seasonal residents, many of whom have multiple homes and come to Greenwood Village for work and/or play. Nearly 40,000 people commute to Greenwood Village for work each day.

The Perfect Houses For Sale In Greenwood Village

Homes for sale in Greenwood Village average around the million dollar mark. They typically exceed 7 bedrooms, giving families plenty of space to spread out. Whether you are looking for a historic, ranch style home that communicates the history of the area of a custom new build that satisfies every need, Greenwood Village can accommodate your wants and needs.

A Day In Greenwood Village

If you are considering a home for sale in Greenwood Village, you’ll want to familiarize yourself with some of the local attractions. Being just south of Denver, you are minutes away from everything you might want out of a Colorado lifestyle.

A Foodie’s Paradise

Whether you are a meat and potatoes family who lives for a great steak or your family prefers more ethnic cuisine, Greenwood Village has something to satisfy every palate. Las Brisas is a crowd favorite, offering a varied menu that draws influence from Spain, South, and Central America that is sure to be filled with flavor. Tocabe offers stand out dining with American Indian influence. Chow down on slow-braised bison or Posu bowls with house cooked vegan beans and prepare yourself for a delicious experience.

A Steakhouse Worthy Of A Museum Tour

Shanahan’s is known for the 5-star experience they provide to every customer. Contemporary art fill the space, complimenting a modern interior sure to complement the luxury dining experience perfect for celebrating buying a new home in Greenwood Village. The wait might be long, but it’s well worth it. Our concierge service can help you access the fine dining that is Shanahan’s Steakhouse.

The Curtis Center For The Arts

The historic school house was active until the late 1960s. It later became the Arts and Humanities Center we know today. Filled with unique and exciting art exhibits, lectures, concerts, and events, everyone in the family can find something to enjoy at The Curtis Center.

Consider The Greenwood Village Homes For Sale

The Greenwood Village homes for sale could be the perfect place for you to plant your roots. Contact Chris Davis for your resident expert on luxury homes in Greenwood Village.