Now that summer is over, school is back in session. Trying to get back on a schedule can be tough, and on those nights you’re just not up to cooking, why not mix it up and check out some of the best family friendly restaurants in the Denver area?

See it coming!

Friday, 06 September 2019 14:51
Navigating a Transitioning Market: See The Real Estate Market Change Coming

One of the greatest blessings that I ever had in my real estate career was starting in one of the two worst Denver real estate markets in 80 years. In 1981 the oil and gas industry was an overwhelming majority of the metro Denver economy. The oil commodity prices crashed that year and subsequently decimated the real estate market in Denver. Some neighborhoods dropped 30%, others over 50%. I was in 1st grade and learned absolutely nothing from that market correction that year.

What to Expect at Your Home Inspection

Tuesday, 27 August 2019 11:25 Written by

As a first-time home buyer, there were lots of things that had to happen in order for my husband and I to close on our home. I knew there would be paperwork, I knew I would be queasy feelings from the money I signed up to pay monthly for the next 30 years, and I knew there would be surprises. But nothing quite prepared me for my first home inspection.

Congratulations! You’ve purchased a home in one of Denver’s most exclusive neighborhoods. You’re moving in, getting settled, meeting the neighbors - then what? Getting to know your new community is an essential part of feeling at home after a big move. With the rapid expansion of the city, there’s always something new to experience. To get you started, though, we’ve got the go-to guide for things to do in Cherry Hills Village, CO.

If you’ve been looking to buy a house in Denver, then the real estate of Wash Park has undoubtedly caught your eye. The historic homes in this incredible neighborhood have been gaining in popularity over the past few decades. This is due to their outstanding location, supportive community, local attractions, and much more. Home-buyers from across the country are vying for the chance to get their hands on Washington Park real estate because it's literally too good to pass up. Because it's so hot, the chance to make your move on these established, historic properties is rare - especially without a local agent on your side. Let's talk about why Wash Park real estate is worth the wait - and the price.

If you’re looking at buying a home in the Denver area, you’ve likely stumbled upon the little enclave known as Glendale. Glendale exists in Arapahoe County and is surrounded by the City and County of Denver. As an enclave, this area sees a more quaint community which is a highly attractive quality to those considering Glendale homes for sale.

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