I started working in real estate at the start of 2019. It was a period of transition in my life and I was looking for something that was flexible for my growing family and something that could pique my interest, as data entry wasn’t something I wanted to spend my days doing.

Cut to the end of the year. I’ve worked with over 40 transactions, 30+ clients; first time home buyers, relocation clients and looked at condos, townhomes and multi-million dollar homes. Every day is different and an adventure. I didn’t know how much I would enjoy it, but it’s become a highlight of my year.
Things have changed in real estate. In major ways. The first game changing way is how long people are staying in their homes. Economists used to be able to set their watch by the statistic that the average “owner occupied” homeowners move every 7 years. The national average has now shifted to almost 13 years. That’s a big deal. From a volume stand point, that means almost half of the sales that are organic will be happening moving forward in the next decade.
Coming back to Colorado from Southern California after eleven years, I was determined to see the fall foliage first-hand. I dragged my family on multiple hikes and I’m here to report some of the most spectacular views that you can hopefully still catch before the snow is here for good!
Working in real estate, I watch Chris and other realtors in our office navigate transactions daily. I just bought my first home and the process was seamless. I would recommend working with a realtor to anyone, so much that when I discovered family friends of mine were considering FSBO (for-sale by owner), I took it upon myself to write this blog to anyone considering it. In short, FSBO is complicated. Let’s break down the top five reasons you should use a realtor to sell your home.
Now that summer is over, school is back in session. Trying to get back on a schedule can be tough, and on those nights you’re just not up to cooking, why not mix it up and check out some of the best family friendly restaurants in the Denver area?

See it coming!

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Navigating a Transitioning Market: See The Real Estate Market Change Coming

One of the greatest blessings that I ever had in my real estate career was starting in one of the two worst Denver real estate markets in 80 years. In 1981 the oil and gas industry was an overwhelming majority of the metro Denver economy. The oil commodity prices crashed that year and subsequently decimated the real estate market in Denver. Some neighborhoods dropped 30%, others over 50%. I was in 1st grade and learned absolutely nothing from that market correction that year.

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