5 Reasons You Should Use a Realtor to Sell Your Home

Monday, 04 November 2019 13:47 Written by Emily Burkart
Working in real estate, I watch Chris and other realtors in our office navigate transactions daily. I just bought my first home and the process was seamless. I would recommend working with a realtor to anyone, so much that when I discovered family friends of mine were considering FSBO (for-sale by owner), I took it upon myself to write this blog to anyone considering it. In short, FSBO is complicated. Let’s break down the top five reasons you should use a realtor to sell your home.

#1: Realtors Can Price Your Home Better Than You Can

The market is something that moves quickly, and the people who have their finger on the pulse on the ever-changing market are the realtors that work in it every day. If you want to sell your home for top dollar, you need the guidance of a real estate agent. Yes, you can personally check the selling history of comparable homes in your neighborhood, but without the expertise of an agent, the odds of you getting the best price for your home are small.

#2: Some Realtors Have Access to a Closed Network of Active Buyers

Chris works with Compass, a real estate firm that has a program that lists your property before it hits the market exclusively to other Compass agents. Frequently, people sell their homes on Compass before even hitting the market – eliminating open houses, showings and all the headaches that come with it.

#3: A Realtor Will Schedule Open Houses or Showings

Many sellers who have full time jobs have a hard time arranging and approving showings and open houses. The stress of keeping your home clean is difficult enough and having to track when people are coming to see your home can be overwhelming. When you work with a realtor, you discuss the best times to see the home, and relators share valuable feedback about how the property is showing with you.

#4: An Agent Will Negotiate and Prepare a Transaction for Closing

There is a lot of legal paperwork involved in buying and selling a home. When I bought my home, I was signing paperwork for over an hour! Not only that, but the jargon is so complicated that it may feel easier to go with an agent. Agents take classes every year on the forms needed to close, to be in compliance, and can help with making sure all affairs are in order prior to closing. They are working for you to make the process as seamless as possible!

#5: It’ll Take Longer to Sell the Home Yourself

Nine times out of ten, selling a home yourself means the property will be on the market for longer. If you choose to work with a realtor, you’ll have more control over the process from start to finish. You can spend time on tasks you think will move the needle and listen to your agent about what they think will work best for you. They want to sell your home as much as you do, and are here to help!