Architectural Digest Magazine 2019 Home Design Expo - Pier 92 & 94 Manhattan, NY

Wednesday, 03 April 2019 15:32

Every year the Big Apple becomes the epicenter for all that is new in home interior design trends. Attracting the top interior designers in the world, luxury manufacturer's of cutting edge designs and technology leaders in the interior design space commune at this single event to discuss interior design trends that are dominating the national real estate market. Chris Davis, a luxury real estate agent in Denver, CO, had the exciting opportunity to attend this exclusive event and share what he discovered with his current and future clients who want to craft their dream home. Let’s have a Davis Discussion about interior design trends.

The Latest Interior Design Trends And Your Home

The insights we took away from the Architectural Digest Home Design Expo are perfect for Denver home owners who want to create a space that leaves a lasting impact. First, let's talk about what's hip and trendy in home interior design and how you can move forward with these ideas in your Denver, Wash Park, or Cherry Creek home. The word of the season is whimsy. Your home is the perfect place to express yourself and your style. Find ways to make really bold statements in your space with the interior design trends we're going to discuss in this post. With the help of the world's leading interior designers, you're friends and family will walk away from each and every event you host saying, "did you see X, Y, or Z in that house?" Whether they think your interior design applications are amazing, cool, awful, weird, or a combination of the above - one thing is for certain - you'll have made an impression that will have your peers wanting to transform their own space.

Interior Design In Cherry Creek Homes

nursery interior design

If you're wondering what interior design trends can help make your home stand out in the decadently designed Cherry Creek homes, don't fret. We've got you covered. There are some really awesome products coming to the market for a variety of different areas in your home.

  1. Nurserys - One design feature that's becoming increasingly more popular in nursery interior design is the idea of optical illusions. Often, a nursery has limited square footage and clear furniture gives the impression of more space and an airy feel both parents and baby will appreciate. Open floor plan designs are also going to be key to creating a dreamy nursery space for your little one to grow up in.
  2. Sisyphus - This coffee table is on the pricier end of the scale, but the capabilities it offers makes it very much worth the investment. This table draws up to 30 different designs and allows for customization of your own designs, or even company logos.This piece is more than just furniture for your home, it's a piece of art that draws while you and you guests enjoy appetizers, meals, or drinks around it. Everytime a new guest arrives, you can create a new design - the videos and photographs simply don't do the beauty of this piece justice. It's downright mesmorizing.
  3. Bertazzoni Ranges - Bertazzoni, one of the featured designers at the expo, introduced this incredible line of ranges with a vintage look and art deco flair. Boasting the efficiency of even the most expensive brands in the world, these ranges feature a much more stylish appearance that will bring together the look you want for your kitchen perfectly.
  4. Strategically Designing Separate Spaces - Another interior design trend that was shared at the expo that we thought perfect for Cherry Creek residents was this unique twist on separating your living spaces. Skip the traditional walls and furniture to indicate different areas for play and socialization, instead find large scale art to serve this purpose. Strategically selected art can even be an inexpensive solution for dividing your spaces.
  5. art deco tile
  6. Art Deco Tiling - Full, bold tile expressions are the perfect way to define a space and add your personal touch to your home. Boldness is appreciated by your guests, so we say go for it! Check out some of the latest tile and backsplash trends that prove art deco is an interior design trend that's coming back with a vengance.
  7. SMEG 1950's Fridges - The classic look from the mid-20th century has made it's return with these refrigerators from SMEG. Designed specifically to create a unique look in your basement, garage, or man cave, you don't want to miss out on grabbing one of these unique fridges to define your space.
  8. Unusual Shapes - From triangular fireplaces to custom-molded wood chairs, whimsy takes over the interior design trends that are most popular in 2019. Anything that is out of the ordinary is guaranteed to make a statement. While the longevity of this quirky type of style is not guaranteed, it will certainly make your home the envy of your neighbors in the meantime.

When looking for inspiration for the latest interior design trends, don't hesitate to go right to the source. Check out photos below from the Architectural Digest Home Design Expo.

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