Gorgeous Trails For Fall Hiking and Snapping Pictures

Monday, 11 November 2019 13:19 Written by Emily Burkart
Coming back to Colorado from Southern California after eleven years, I was determined to see the fall foliage first-hand. I dragged my family on multiple hikes and I’m here to report some of the most spectacular views that you can hopefully still catch before the snow is here for good!

1. First Flatiron, Boulder

Boulder is a great option if you'd like a half day hike and stay close to Denver. Hiking the First Flatiron is a 2.9-mile hike that’s relatively easy. When you make it to the top of the mountain, you will be able to see all across the Continental Divide, and hopefully an array of gorgeous fall trees. We took our baby and had a great time!

2. Lizard Head, Telluride

It's a bit of a drive, but the mountains are where you can see the most amazing fall leaves! It's the longest one on the list, at 7.6 miles, so be prepared with lots of water. We made an entire day of it, and stayed overnight, which is highly recommended - Telluride is a great town to visit. Lizard Head is easy to find, a popular trail and a must see.

3.Kebler Pass, Crested Butte

This was my favorite of them all - completely worth it for the views. There are tons of hiking trails around the pass, and it's possible to drive down Kebler Pass Road and see all the beautiful leaves from the comfort of your car. We were able to drive down the road and find our own little hike within the Pass itself. It was private and stunning! Great for a weekend trip to see and enjoy Crested Butte.

4. Three Island Lake Trail, Steamboat Springs

This trail is easy to access, and in the heart of Steamboat Springs. It's one of the more difficult hikes, 7 miles long in a dense forest. I would not recommend kids or inexperienced hikers, mainly because of the incline. If you're up for the challenge, however, you will be rewarded with spectacular views for any budding photographer, even if that just means taking a picture with your phone!

5. Spring Creek Trail, Steamboat Springs

The trailhead is between Amethyst Drive and Maple Street. This is another pass that is great for kids - not a tough trail, but a little lengthy. I recommend bringing a picnic lunch to take your time and enjoy the weather! I hiked Spring Creek in early September and found the leaves had just started to change. A definite must see if you find yourself in Steamboat!

Escaping the city for the weekend is something we love to do. If you're looking for a home in the mountains, we would be happy to help in any way!