Is your home ready for the summer?

Wednesday, 15 July 2020 20:15
While it may not be like normal, summer is definitely here. Let’s talk about all of the important things you can do for your home to prepare for the warmer days. The sun shines longer in the summer, and as the temperatures keep going up, make sure your house (and you) can take the heat!

Make sure your air conditioner is in good condition.

You knew this one was coming. Your AC is about to do a lot more work, so make sure it’s in good shape for the next few months. Clean the condenser, rinse the coils and if your AC is nearing the end of it’s life, call an HVAC tech to give it the full inspection. You don’t want the AC unit to break in the hottest months!

Ants, moths and other summer insects!

Just like kids, insects love the warmer weather and will be much more alive in the summer. Make sure those screen doors are without holes so you can keep them out of your house. Ants love a good picnic, so be sure to clean up all food quickly so they don’t march their way into your kitchen.

Clean the inside and outside of your home

Take the time to thoroughly wash your windows! We like using a mixture of lemon and vinegar and water. The lemon helps smell fresh, and the vinegar and water mixture really breaks down grime for a streak free shine. While you’re out there cleaning the windows, check out your gutters. If there’s any leftover debris from the earlier months, get it out!

Enjoy the longer days and more days in your home with the family. I’m available to answer all of your real estate questions – don’t hesitate to reach out!