The New Resident’s Guide To Cherry Hills Village, CO

Tuesday, 25 June 2019 21:24

Congratulations! You’ve purchased a home in one of Denver’s most exclusive neighborhoods. You’re moving in, getting settled, meeting the neighbors - then what? Getting to know your new community is an essential part of feeling at home after a big move. With the rapid expansion of the city, there’s always something new to experience. To get you started, though, we’ve got the go-to guide for things to do in Cherry Hills Village, CO.

Getting To Know Cherry Hills Village

One of the most appealing aspects of Cherry Hills Village is that it is truly a residential community. In the center of the neighborhood, you’ll find the local schools. To the north and south, you’ll find the Cherry Hills and Glenmoor Country Clubs. Stores, restaurants, bars, and other commercial establishments have yet to penetrate the neighborhood boundaries, however. Sitting just south of the booming city of Denver, Cherry Hills Village, CO has maintained the residential integrity that makes it such a popular place for established families to call home.

That doesn’t mean that there isn’t plenty of things to do near your new neighborhood, though. Let’s discuss some of the most popular neighboring attractions in and around Cherry Hills Village, CO.

Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve

Much like the rest of the Denver area, there is no shortage of parks near the Cherry Hills Village neighborhood. If you’re an outdoors enthusiast (and who wouldn’t be with 300+ days of sunshine every year?), Cherry Hills is the perfect place to be. Among the many parks in and around the neighborhood, you’ll find the Marjorie Perry Nature Preserve. These 59 acres of lush greenery sitting directly south of Cherry Hills gives you the rural Colorado feel without the rural Colorado trek. Surrounded by the High Line Canal, one of Colorado’s most prestigious trail networks, access to the nature preserve is unfettered, giving Cherry Hills Village residents everything they could want out of a Colorado neighborhood and more!

High Line Canal Trail

The High Line Canal Trail actually spans nearly 70 miles between Aurora and Roxborough State Park, but it runs right through and around the southside of Cherry Hills Village, CO. Owned and operated by Denver Water, because it borders the Canal that keeps the Denver area watered, the trail is well taken care of for residents of Cherry Hills Village and neighboring communities to enjoy. Everyone from novice hikers to experienced trailblazers can enjoy the scenery across this vast stretch of trail, with the help of Denver Water’s mile-by-mile guide. Horseback riding is even permitted across some portions of the trail.

Cherry Hills Country Club

The Cherry Hills Country Club has been around for nearly a century, having been established in 1922 by prominent society members who wanted a golf club and nothing else. Since its inception, the Country Club has expanded to feature sprawling fairways that have hosted golf greats in a number of US Opens, PGA Championships, and other tournaments over the years. Tennis is another popular sport for Cherry Hills Village, CO residents, with plenty of practice and tournament opportunities available through the Country Club, as well.

Old South Pearl Street

Along the western edge of Cherry Hills Village, CO, you’ll find Old South Pearl Street - a historic shopping district popular among residents and tourists alike. With a diverse mix of locally owned shops, boutiques, and restaurants, as well as community events that are hosted all year round, there is no shortage of things to do, see, and explore on South Pearl Street.

Everything You Need To Know About Cherry Hills Village, CO

Once you’ve made the move to Cherry Hills Village, CO and settled into your home, you’ll want to explore your new digs. Colorado has a lot to offer, but each community has its own unique culture that makes it home to the locals. This guide will get you started in Cherry Hills Village, but you’re sure to find your own hidden gems throughout the neighborhood that will have you feeling at home in no time.

If you’re looking for a local expert in Colorado communities, culture, and attractions, look no further than Chris Davis. Contact us today to set up a consultation so you can find your dream home in Cherry Hills Village, CO.