You're Home. Now What?

Tuesday, 31 March 2020 15:40
As I type this, I realize the second I publish it there will already be new information at our fingertips, and how demanding the 24-hour news cycle is during times like these. Over the past month we have witnessed the most interesting response to a pandeminc in my history (I’ve lived through four decades!). Cities look deserted, tickets are being given to citizens not abiding by the “shelter in place” rules, and as fast as I can type this blog, your favorite source of news is sharing the increased number of Covid cases nationwide, community state of emergencies, deployment of national guard to support challenged communities and the abundance of public programming cancellations. of donating or sharing what is no longer of use.

Similar to the unknown of how computer systems would react to the shifting of the centuries, known as the Y2K phenomenon, the coronavirus is treading on unfamiliar territory as well. Whether you agree or disagree with the public and private sectors approach to handling the world-wide pandemic, individually we truly do not have a choice. Events are being cancelled and travel has been placed on hold, resulting in many of us spending more time at home. Now what?

You’re home, so take advantage of it. You are saving time on your daily commute to work, you have additional time to work out, and you are readily available to help your children with their homework. While not everyone has the luxury of being paid during these trying times or may feel isolated, all we can do is make the best of the situation. For those of you who are “trapped” at home, I have an idea for you. Rather than streaming endless content on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime, why not use the time in a productive manner by getting your house in order.

Try to take the time to sort through a closet, drawer, garage, basement, pile of paper or simply a toy box with the idea Start in a low-traffic area of the house allowing you to start and stop the project without disrupting the flow of the daily household routine. Once you’re cleaned out - donate. If you are not using something, share the item with someone else, especially shoes, coats and clothing. Very little should be thrown in the trash as someone will have use for almost everything you are ready to discard.

Why not embrace Spring Cleaning which clearly will take on a new meaning this year. Wash your hands and stay healthy.