Selling home in Denver

Are You Ready To Sell A Home In Denver?

Selling a home in Denver is a big decision. For most homeowners, a house is your single biggest financial asset. It also has a lot of intangible value for people that is much harder to quantify in a sale. You want to insure that you are physically, emotionally, and financially ready to sell a home in Denver. Let’s walk through some indicators.

Are You Prepared?

First things first. You need to consider your financial state. Do you have any other debt, excluding your mortgage? Do you know how much equity your home has? Can you put money down on a new home now or is that contingent on selling your current home? Is there work needed to get your home ready to sell? Can you afford the cost of that work? What life events have recently occurred or are coming up?

All of these factors will play into your ability to successfully sell a home in Denver and find a new place to plant your roots. Once you feel like a good idea of where your finances stand, you are ready to look for a realtor to help you.

Home for sale in Denver

A Partner To Help You Sell A Home In Denver

You can sell your home yourself. You can also replace your roof yourself, maintenance your car engine yourself, or repair your HVAC system yourself, but usually you don’t. You enlist the help of an expert in the particular field you are working in. An experienced real estate agent can help you sell a home in Denver more quickly and easily than if you were to do it alone because of the network they have access to. You need to get your home in front of buyers if you are going to sell and that is what the right agent will help you do.

Additionally, an agent can help negotiate the best price from a buyer. The average home listed for sale by owner went for $190,000 whereas the average home sold by an agent brought in $249,000. While there are costs associated with hiring a real estate agent to help you sell a home in Denver, but the costs are well worth the return.

Consider The Market

When you are selling a home in Denver, you have to remember that your home is only worth what a buyer is willing to pay. Overpricing your home based on sentimental value does not mean that you’ll sell for that price. A real estate agent who is experienced in the area you live can run a comparative market analysis and ensure you price your home competitively and can sell successfully.

Get A Home Inspection

Getting a home inspection prior to listing can help you avoid unforeseen costs during the selling process. With Chris Davis as your real estate agent, you have access to the city’s best home inspectors and repair teams to get your home ready to sell in a timely fashion. By being proactive, you can prevent a buyer who might be a good fit from having misgivings or offering well-below asking price due to a need for repairs.

Clean, Declutter, And Stage

The selling process is a bit labor intensive. You will need to get your home ready for move out and potentially keep it that way for an extended period of time while your home is on the market. After you completed any repairs that may need to be done, bring in cleaners, start going through your things, and stage your space for showings. Chris Davis can also recommend Denver’s leading stagers to help you put your best foot forward in each and every showing.

Selling A Home In Denver

The market in Denver is hot right now. A trusted real estate agent can help you navigate the process and make selling a home in Denver simple and easy. Contact Chris Davis today if you are ready to sell a home in Denver.